Our Permit and Tracking Number Services

The following are the types of permits we offer assistance with

 NB – New Building Permit

  • New Houses
  • New Multifamily Buildings
  • New Commercial Buildings
  • New Manufacturing Buildings
  • New Mixed Use Buildings

Alt 1 – Alteration Type 1

  • Changing the Number of Apartments in a building
  • Convert a one family to a two family house
  • Converting to multifamily
  • Combining Apartments typically does NOT require an alt 1.
  • Changing SROs to apartments.
  • Changing a building use or portion of a building use
  • Converting Residential to Commercial
  • Converting one Commercial use to a different commercial use
  • Adaptive Reuse Projects
  • Major Interior Renovations
  • Any change that requires a new Certificate Of Occupancy
  • Changes that would contradict the existing certificate of occupancy
  • Changes that alter the means of egress to a building
  • Building Additions
  • Adding floors on top of a building

Alt 2 – Alteration Type 2

  • Most Interior renovations
  • Gut Renovations can often be an alt 2
  • Apartment Renovations
  • Combining Apartments
  • Adding a room to an apartment
  • Removing Walls and Building walls
  • Restaurant Renovations (With no change in occupancy or use)
  • Retail Renovations (With no change in occupancy or use)
  • Office Renovations (With no change in occupancy or use)
  • Building Restoration
  • Converting To Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Fire Damage Repair, Water or Flood Damage Repair

Alt 3 – Alteration Type 3

  • Curb Cut
  • Construction Fence

Demo- Demoliton

What We Offer

We offer assistance to obtain permits, for $750 each permit, to obtain the a permit you need to first obtain a Insurance Tracking Number, if you do not have a tracking number we can obtain a Tracking Number for $750