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Attention to Details

Time is Money

Many details go into setting your business up for success and we know the process of getting your license can be daunting and take up a lot of your time! We don’t want you wasting hours of your time or making multiple visits to any Licensing Department just to find out you don’t have the right documents and your application isn’t properly filled out. We can help you get it all done in one shot and it won’t take you days, weeks, or months to get all the documents you need together. We prepare all the paperwork for your license and make sure you have all the documents you need to get licensed. Hiring a professional consultant helps to ensure your application will be submitted accurately and reduce your chances of either being rejected or being delayed.

As a contractor, efficiency equals production. The sooner you get your business up and running, the sooner you can earn more money, legally. Hiring a professional consultant is one way to become more efficient.

Become a Licensed Home Improvement Contractor

Not earning enough because you don’t have a license?

As a licensed contractor, you could be earning 2-3x more money.